You don't have to look far to find the world's best watches in America.

Watches of America provides an extensive list of watches for you to choose from at unbelievably low rates. We take pride in our sourcing efforts to bring these watches at affordable prices. So TAKE ADVANTAGE of our current super low prices while we develop our name in the market. 

We researched thoroughly for top brands to bring to the table to you in one easy to navigate website.

Our watches are 100% brand new and original. We buy in bulk from trusted resellers worldwide or directly from the brand owners. Feel free to ask for more details, we are fully transparent with our business.

Our small team has over 25 years of combined experience in physical watch retailing and we made the jump to online retailing to pass the savings we make onto you, our beloved customers.

Shipping method:

We ship almost all of our parcels with DHL or DHL eCommerce. However, your patience is appreciated as sometimes there can be small delays. 

- If shipped from USA office to Oceania: Parcel gets sorted in Hong Kong DHL depot.

- If shipped from USA office to Europe: Parcels gets sorted in either HK or Germany DHL depot (based on DHL's preference).

- If shipped from Oceania office to Europe: Parcel gets sorted in Germany DHL depot.

 - If shipped from Oceania office to the Americas: Parcel gets sorted in either HK or Germany DHL depot (based on DHL's preference).


- How We Do It?

You can be sure that watches sold by Watches of America are 100% brand new and authentic watches. We guarantee that!

So, how come we propose prices at sometimes 50% or more off the retail price? The reason is simple and it is called "grey market".

Grey market is a store (usually online but it can be brick and mortar too) that is selling brand-new watches, while NOT being part of a brand’s authorized retail channel.

Normally, the retail channel would work this way: the brand manufactures watches that are sold to official distributors that are then selling the watches to authorized dealers who are finally selling the watches to the end customer (you).

Grey market dealers like us simply manage to get watches by offering the possibility to clear old inventory from the retailer. Retailers must avoid having an inventory excess in order to have a rotation in the pieces they are selling to their customers to stay attractive and also because brands are usually pushing retailers to renew their stock by buying their novelties as part of their contract. Grey market allows them to do that by clearing their stock and getting some money back.

Needless to say that this is a huge issue for the whole industry as it is damaging the whole chain. However, as we are not restricted by any contracts like the retail shops, we can sell at any discounted price we like.

Either way, you are getting an American watch at an unbelievable price.


Prepare your wrist to be satisfied!